Anonyme is a first partydata analytics platform built for leading brands in a privacy conscious world.


Insights and privacy

First party data has put control back in the hands of brands. Here are just a few ways Anonyme helps brands gain insights while protecting their customers. Free yourself from false compromises.

Data privacy & Data quality

You can choose anonymisation of data while still gaining high fidelity insights on your customers & their preferences. Data quality vs data privacy is no longer a tradeoff you need to be stuck with.

Best in class analytics & Fair prices

We believe that cutting edge analytics should scale with brands in an affordable manner. Our customers spend more of their time & resources on delighting their customers.

Accurate insights & Happy customers

More than 83% of visitors to a website are turned off by cookies and banners. There is a better way. Get deep insights without driving away your customers!

More insights & More control

With third party cookies - brands spend money while losing strategic control. Ad platforms learn more about your customers even when ads DON'T work and these learnings help your competitors as well! Your brand and your customers deserve better.


Rapid & streamlined adoption

Anonyme has a robust containerised architecture that is built to be easily adopted, used and scaled. It supports both Azure and AWS cloud platforms in order to ensure best in class security while remaining cloud agnostic.

Set analytics privacy mode

Setup your analytics settings, anonymisation levels and other key parameters for first party data.

Connect your data sources

Add the relevant scripts to your website to start sending data to Anonyme and let our platform take care of the heavy lifting.

Share insights with your team

Thats it! Now you are ready to own and use the analytics results that are generated for you.

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