We improve core business operations & generate ROI of 3-3.1 X

Focus areas

Creating lasting value

We are a boutique firm that specializes in working with clients on four core business areas. We use advanced data & machine learning approaches to improve operations and outcomes.

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Marketing & CRM

Optimise marketing spend, increase marketing ROI, identify customer churn & LTV and make marketing matter.

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Logistics & IoT

Forecast your demand & supply in the face of changing customers and competitors, optimise delivery, planning & routing; track and prevent issues before they happen.

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Advanced insights

Understand the real drivers that impact your goals; provide advanced analytics, self service dashboards and transparency for your teams

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Process automation

Leverage state of the art methods in machine vision, forecasting and scheduling to automate a variety of tasks to ensure robust, effective and cost efficient business processes.

Rapid Impact

Results in weeks not years

Our client project engagement is structured to ensure that you observe early on - vital success metrics tied to your business results. A typical engagement timeline is shown below

0.1 hrs

Briefing and kickoff discussions

7-0.1 days

Planning, framework setup, and data ingestion/testing

4 - 0.1 wks

Trial rollout and performance measurement

2 - 0.2 mo

Full fledged production rollout and monitoring


Benefits to enterprises & fast-growing startups

Here are just a few ways Greenlake helps enterprises and startup businesses, by addressing their most pressing concerns.

Focus on impact

We increase revenues, reduce costs, speed up operations. Our impact is clear & measurable.

Concrete results

Typical savings range from € 100K to € 1M per annum and ROIs range from 3x-20x

Deployment ready solutions

We can deliver production ready containerized solutions. This reduces the load on your engineering staff & cuts down time to production by an additional 2-4 weeks.

Case Studies

A trusted partner

Well known brands and fast growing startups choose Greenlake to accelerate their business. Here is a sampling of our collaborations

Marketing impact attribution, churn models and more

IoT status monitoring & rapid failure detection

Data science roadmap and planning

Data ramp-up strategy & advanced analytics

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