We accelerate firms along four verticals: marketing, process automation, logistics and IoT. We achieve this by using cutting edge machine learning and data science techniques to bring self-learning automation systems to life .

Focus Areas

We specialize in working with clients in the following four core domains


Make sensors/transducers smarter and more robust: sensor monitoring, energy meters, data fusion, failure detection, machine learning on the edge

Marketing & CRM

Obtain insights regarding customer value chains: churn models, marketing mix models, life time value forecasting systems.
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Gain awareness of material flow: demand forecasting, route optimization, fault-identification, driving and delivery patterns

Process automation

Self learning automation: credit default estimation, document analysis and classification, natural language/speech based action mechanisms

A glimpse into our work

Draw inspiration from a sample of the ways Greenlake has helped clients like you, by addressing their most pressing problems.


  • Faster ramp up: we deliver projects in weeks-months instead of half a year or more
  • Development focussed on delivering business value: we increase revenue/cut costs.
  • Typical savings on projects range from €100 K to over €800 K in direct costs per project. The value added exceeds this by a significant margin.
  • Integrate with a range of corporate hosting mechanisms: AWS, Azure, Google, private clouds
  • Lower maintenance efforts and built-in autoscaling
  • Lean data science methodologies saving upwards of 12 person months
  • GDPR compliant processing of data

Lets start something great

We love ambitious, moon-shots! Get in touch with us to kickoff a discussion on how to rapidly route an autonomous fleet of vehicles to clear snow from the streets of Boston, hire and setup a team of 100 data scientists, identify how many refrigerators might break down in a hospital, how to know if your TV marketing is making or wasting millions, or other such completely routine requests. Our staff are happy to talk with you to learn more about your needs, provide formal/informal talks and seminars to help educate your colleagues about machine learning and other cutting edge approaches and discuss creative ways to add value to your firm.

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