Making marketing matter

Marketing is complex. You have ambitious goals, a limited budget and a complex array of channels and audiences in a rapidly changing environment. Given this reality, it is no wonder that over 90% of marketing teams deal with key topics using a mixture of 50% guesswork and 50% science - losing millions of dollars along the way!

Greenlake is changing this status quo! We work with your existing marketing systems via our automated machine learning algorithms. By identifying and eliminating ineffective marketing spend and boosting performance, we put you back in control of your budget.

Welcome to marketing in the 21st century.

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Case studies

improving marketing ROI on video advertising

Food products corporation discovers how to save millions in video advertising

Learn how Greenlake helped a multinational food products corporation identify opportunities to save 10-15% of their marketing budget on google video ads and boost ROI.

marketing spend effectiveness via machine learning

How Delivery Hero improved its marketing spend effectiveness

Find out how Greenlake helped Delivery Hero accelerate the effectiveness of their marketing spend and TV spend while enabling considerable savings in the process.

churn model auditing for telco firm

Leading telco avoids sunk costs on customer churn evaluation

Explore how a leading telephone company was able to avoid a sunk cost of over $800K and a year of time which they had spent in developing a customer churn prediction system that was not performing as desired.

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Our process

Advanced marketing analytics

Marketing is not a monolith. Each company has a unique marketing value chain. Hence a core part of our work with marketing teams is in analyzing and leveraging specific key areas for optimization particular to that firm. These span the entire spectrum of marketing operations as indicated below.

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Let's talk about marketing

We realize that you may have dozens of questions about the variety of ways that cutting edge machine learning can help you boost your revenue and make your marketing spend hyper-effective.

Simply jot down a quick note to us and we would be happy to discuss your ideas and questions in greater detail. We are also happy to share our white paper on antifragile marketing and CRM for businesses like yours.

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