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Our latest case studies
IoT device for smart energy metering

How greenlake helped an energy firm create a remote safety monitoring system

Find out how Greenlake helped an energy provider leverage machine learning for IoT/smart meters to enable non-intrusive safety monitoring tool for senior citizens.

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marketing spend effectiveness via machine learning

How Delivery Hero improved its marketing spend effectiveness

Find out how Greenlake helped Delivery Hero accelerate the effectiveness of their marketing spend while enabling considerable savings in the process.

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Fintech firm accelerates customer credit evaluation times while reducing credit risk

Explore how we enabled a fin-tech firm in its ambitions to rapidly screen and evaluate default rates for potential clients while reducing default risks.

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predictive maintenance via machine learning

How an auto-maintenance firm automated their vehicle repair recommendations

Learn more about how Greenlake sped up time to market for a automotive repair firm by creating a better than human recommendation system for parts.

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