About Us

Our path to the vision of machine learning that delivers results

Our Journey

The team at Greenlake have been working in the machine learning/AI space before the term data science was a buzzword and "big data" was a glimmer in the corner of the eye of most firms. After several years of founding, working for and growing ML teams and solving hard problems along different verticals, we realized a couple of things about the world and about ourselves.

About the world

  • Most firms are still uncertain regarding how to leverage machine learning and data science to add value to their business beyond marketing buzz.
  • Most machine learning teams struggle to create end to end machine learning pipelines that work in reality.
  • Firms and managers find it hard to identify and hire talent - they face the daunting task of having to distinguish between levels of expertise with out any guideposts.
  • Every firm, freelancer, software development conglomerate, outsourcing agency claims expertise in machine learning - few possess them. The smell of burning fires we have had to put out on behalf of our clients still stay with us.

About ourselves

  • We enjoy solving problems that have an impact
  • We are as comfortable discussing business strategy as we are in figuring out how to extract a higher f1-score for a churn model. This mindset gives us a laserlike focus on the actual business problem.
  • We enjoy working with a network of clients. This helps us stay in tune with the latest developments across ecosystems and our clients benefit tremendously from our accelerating capabilities! (and we wake up excited about going to work each day!)

About the interface between ourselves and the world

We are concerned about another AI winter with firms being overpitched on hype with little results left to show for investments. This led us to launch Greenlake - a firm where talented people can work on problems that have an impact on helping our clients succeed.

Here is why top brands trust us

  • We engage directly with C-level executives and senior management to create value.
  • We have a proven track record in accelerating businesses via machine learning and data science.
  • We are able to put out fires in ongoing projects. When your board expects results within a few weeks and you either need a dose of rocket fuel or a technical miracle - we supply the latter.
  • Owing to our network of industry leaders and researchers we are aware of developments and trends years ahead of time so that you, as our client, are too. This helps us stay ahead of the curve and keep accelerating.

Let's talk about your goals

We realize that you may have dozens of questions about the variety of ways that cutting edge machine learning can help you accelerate your business. Let us show you why teams at major brands trust us to work with them.

Our staff are happy to talk with you to learn more about your needs and discuss creative ways to leverage cutting edge data science to add value to your firm.

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